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Who We Are

After starting in 2003 in Angola, where it continues to grow and evolve daily, in 2015 Omatapalo began to recover its construction DNA in Portugal, where it has a history going back more than 70 years.

Its technical staff are experts in all areas of knowledge related to its activity, without ever neglecting the company’s high levels of commitment, diligence in performance, and responsibility. It is endowed with a multidisciplinary team capable of driving processes, producing results, and ensuring quality standards, guaranteeing compliance with the strict deadlines of a society that increasingly demands rapid solutions.

Our History

70 years of history in Portugal


Year when Omatapalo – Engenharia e Construção Portugal starts its activity.


Education infrastructure

Year when Omatapalo enters the effective construction of education infrastructure with the requalification of EB23 School in Paredes de Coura.


Residential buildings

Year when the construction of several residential buildings stands out in the Greater Porto area and when Omatapalo starts making a name for itself in the Portuguese construction market.



Office and hospitality units

Year when the construction of hospitality buildings stands out, namely in Lisbon with Moxy Oriente Hotel, and in Alto Minho with Dom Júlio restaurant and hotel in Vila Nova de Cerveira, as well as Pensão Guerreiro in Viana do Castelo.


Geotechnics and foundations

Year when Omatapalo joins the construction of the Porto Metro and the areas of geotechnics and foundations.


Industrial and logistics units

Year when the construction of an industrial and logistics unit in the north of Portugal stands out, with the construction of CZ Vaccines, a vaccine factory in Paredes de Coura and the logistic expansion of the Bial industrial unit in Porto.


Major international projects

Year when the management of major construction projects in Angola, namely in infrastructure and hospitals, stands out.


Wastewater infrastructures and diversification of activities

Entry into the wastewater sector. Entry into new partnerships and extension of its scope of activity in the Engineering and Construction sectors, through Pemel Instalações with special facilities, DrillGo Portugal with geotechnics and foundations, Wasi in the area of facades and metalworks and H2OM with wastewater infrastructures.


Empresas associadas em Portugal

Pemel Instalações
Pemel Metal

Management Team

José Domingos

CEO | Executive Director

Filipe Lopes

CFO | Executive Director

Américo Gomes

COO | Executive Director

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

“For us, social responsibility begins at home and with the conditions we provide to our employees. Our ability to make it happen is based on this philosophy and culture."

Carlos Alves, CEO, Omatapalo Group”

For Omatapalo, sustainability in its economic, social and environmental aspects represents a strong commitment to people and their development. Sustainability is a concern and a challenge on a global scale, which is reflected in the company’s model of ethical, socially- and environmentally responsible management.

Research & development represents Omatapalo’s clear commitment to the evolution of the people, materials and techniques employed in construction. Innovative and sustainable technologies are essential to contribute to a better and environmentally friendly world.  



Omatapalo‘s good name and reputation are the product of the dedication and hard work of all of us. It is our responsibility to preserve and enhance this reputation. The goal is not only to comply with the law, rules and regulations applicable to our business and the markets where we operate, but also a continuous work in maintaining high ethical standards and business conduct.

The Irregularities’ Reporting Channel represents the exclusive and confidential means made available by Omatapalo for the secure and confidential reporting of irregularities or practices observed that do not comply with a wholesome, ethical and transparent performance, translated into our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and supported by our internal rules and current legislation in the countries where we are present.

Total confidentiality will be guaranteed regarding the information provided, which is received and analyzed solely and exclusively by an independent team directly linked to the company’s supervisory body.

The communication or denunciation may be made by filling out the fields presented in the form.


Departamento de Compliance